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Butcher’s Block

Welcome to Monticello’s Famous Butcher Block. Our customers come from far and wide not only for our selection, but also and especially our commitment to quality and service. We’re here to serve you with our award-winning team of singing butchers. Just kidding, we might hum or whistle once in a while, but sing? Gosh, not publicly! 

Seriously, you’ll find an extensive selection of the highest quality beef, pork, and poultry. We’re pleased and grateful to provide our customers with the freshest hand-cuts and grinds, as well as our famous smoked meats and handmade sausages (made right here in-house of course, while we are secretly singing!). 

Our butchers happily provide fresh products, product expertise, and customer service. Don’t see something you desire? Ask a butcher! We are fully staffed to help you from open to close of day so you can get products cut just the way you want. Let us also know in advance about any special events and celebrations you’re preparing for with your menu needs.

Smoked Meat: Need a snack for that road trip or work or for the big game? Look no further. We have everything from a variety of smoked salmon styles to seasoned beef jerky. Our smoked sausages are ready to eat or add to a pot jambalaya. Heading to the great outdoors or a tailgate party? Don’t forget your Butcher Block seasoned snack sticks. Say that three times, fast. Looking for a leaner choice in bacon? Try our in-house-made Canadian bacon. Or just go on a diet, but not until you’ve had this bacon, seriously.  And have you tried our seriously kinda famous brats? Just ask why they’re considered essential by many. 

Beef: You know we are seriously fussy by reputation… but that’s why our customers appreciate us. And we’re elated to provide you outstanding quality by offering only the best of the best top one third USDA Choice prime beef. The hand-cuts will deliver extraordinary flavor and tenderness the old-fashioned way, pasture-raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Ask us for grilling guidance or tell us what has worked best for you, too. We want you to enjoy every juicy, sizzling morsel of delicious meat. Life‘s too short to eat mediocre meat. Our USDA Prime Roast and Tenderloins are year-round favorites and please do remember to use our online ordering system to plan ahead with your Christmas or other holiday celebrations.

Pork: Only the best all-natural pork from the Midwest — that’s all we select. Great tasting chops and ribs, also providing everything from pork shoulder roast to stuffed chops. We can over some savory cooking recommendations.

Poultry: Our poultry is the closest you can find to organic without the high price tag. All-natural, free of antibiotics and hormones. We offer poultry parts, boneless skinless breasts, and thighs, and our popular marinated breasts. We generally sell out of all our fresh local Turkeys before the Thanksgiving holiday so, once again, please do plan ahead and use our handy new online ordering system.  

Seafood: For all our selective seafood lovers. We have a large variety of freshwater and saltwater fish and seafood including shrimp, scallops, and crab legs, along with choice salmon, and cod. All of our seafood is freshly frozen to ensure only the best flavor — cleaned, processed, and frozen right on the boat when it was caught. Let us know if you have any special order needs.

Sausages: All handmade using only premium ground pork or chicken. We use only the finest seasoning and ingredients free of additives and fillers. All our sausages are made with natural casings, not synthetic like many others. 

Grinds: Ground fresh throughout the day. Everything from custom beef grinds to pork, chicken, and turkey. Ask us for your favorites. We’re happy to serve you the very same level of the highest quality that we bring home to our own families to serve and enjoy. We love what we do and we love serving our customers. Come on in and find out why we feel blessed to take care of you! 

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